What’s next?

Chris Ackland

Melbourne, Australia

You’ve just finished playing a sport you played for years. This sport kept you focused, active and entertained. You enjoyed the training sessions almost as much as you enjoyed the thrill of competition. You look back to when you started and think of all the great people you have met along the way and how far you all came together with regards to skill, accomplishments and camaraderie.

“Whats next?”

You might be looking to keep your competitive edge going or just looking to keep your training hours up. You’re still not 100% sure if you would like to compete but you know you want to keep active and healthy, so, what’s next?

Weightlifting, the sport (more commonly referred to as Olympic Lifting), is the sport of the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. Training for weightlifting involves strength training, body awareness, great flexibility and a solid level of focus. It’s a sport that you compete in on a daily basis and still never have to set foot on a competition platform. The competition comes not just through training, but also from recovery practices such as mobility, nutrition and sleep.

I personally played representative basketball until I was eighteen years old; from there I took up local footy that I played for around five years. While I was playing basketball I played three games per week; one was rep ball, another domestic and the third one was playing with the old man. On top of this I would train three times per week. Once basketball finished it left a big hole that footy could not fill. I did not necessarily want to play high level sports again but I missed having a training structure and competition to look forward to.

Enter CrossFit.

I was doing personal training at the time and my brother suggested I come and try out CrossFit. I had already been involved in strength training for about a year but this gave me the structure I was searching for. One year into CrossFit I was still uncertain of the sport of Weightlifting. I did not know much about it except that it was a competition I could watch every four years. Again my brother suggested I try something new, and this time it was a Donny Shankle seminar. Donny was as passionate as he was unique; he was a weightlifter and had been since he left the army. That day he snatched 170kgs and cleaned and missed the jerk at 200kgs, all while discussing what he was thinking and why he was doing what he was doing in between reps. At that same seminar I snatched 45kgs and clean & jerked 80kgs.

“Pull the bar like you’re pulling the head of a goddamn lion”

Donny Shankle

It was Donny’s intense passion at that seminar that led me to start focusing more and more on weightlifting. It led me to enter a local CrossFit weightlifting competition that gave me even more desire. With my new found desire that year, I ended up lifting at State and National Championships.

So why am I telling you all of this? Iron Tribe could be that missing link you are searching for. Using our method, we aim to make people stronger, faster and healthier. We have people who compete at local competitions, as well as those who train for fun. Some people train at a local box within a group environment and others train at their local gyms using our remote coaching option. If you are looking for something and not sure what it is fill out the contact form below and I’ll be in touch shortly. I aim to spread that same passion that was instilled in me from Donny years ago.

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