The journey

The Iron Tribe Journey

The journey

The transformation you’re looking for is not the answer to your problems

The person you become on the way to that transformation is

Setting big goals you may never hit and finding out what it takes to hit them is where we learn and grow as a person

If you’re lucky enough to hit those goals,  it’s a bonus

The person who loses a significant amount of weight in a short period of time doesn’t learn anything

They just starved themselves with the goal of a weight, by a date, for an occasion

Unfortunately this then creates a confirmation bias as to what works 

Even more unfortunately that bias is never sustainable

The same is true for someone who has a goal to lift a huge amount of weight

Snatching 100kg doesn’t make you a better person

And trying to do so quickly, only raises your risk of injury

Surrounding yourself with people from different walks of life

Training consistently when you don’t want to 

Listening and sharing thoughts with people who might have a different perspective to you

That’s how you become a better person

The end goal is always a bonus 

That’s how you transform yourself 

The end goal is just a bonus

The journey is the adventure, not the destination

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