Start with why!

Start with why!

Simon Sinek author of ‘Start with why’, is a brilliant public speaker and a fantastic author. I remember watching his video ‘How great leaders inspire action’ and attached video and being captivated by the ideas of it.

When it comes to your training or planning your training there is one key factor people miss. A lot of people start with their how and what. “I’m going to lose ten kilos (the ‘what’) by working out five days a week and living on broccoli and kale (the ‘how’)”. Most people start out strong, probably hit a few short-term goals but once the progress starts to slow, and the real work begins they start to drop off. They were missing one thing.

Without going into diet and training, the big factor people miss is starting with their why. Why do you want to lose ten kilos? This ‘why’ has to mean more to you than anything, it has to mean so much to you that when your having the conversation in your head about staying in bed or going to buy lunch instead of prepping food, you make the decision that helps stick to your goals.

The how and the what are definitely important, if you decide to lose weight by binge eating in front of a TV it doesn’t matter how solid your why is, your probably not going to hit your goals. The important factor is starting with your why.

I personally have goals in the sport of weightlifting. My why, which won’t be discussed today, pushes me to register for upcoming competitions. I use these competitions to help keep me focused, but I always come back to my why. My why keeps me pushing through the days where my joints ache and my brain tells me it would be so much easier to just study or chill on the couch.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give my clients and friends out there, find your why! Figure out what is going to motivate you on the hardest days. This why will help keep you on the right path, it won’t stop once you hit your short term goals, it will grow and become stronger as you work your way through your goals.

Hope your enjoyed this, i highly recommend both Start with why and Leaders eat last.

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