Personal Training

Personal training can be done in a one on one or small group setting (up to four people). Our approach is simple, training dictates how strong we are and the nutrition will dictate how much body fat we lose.

Similar to our weightlifting training we start simple, we introduce people to basic strength lifts and focus on building a solid training foundation. Our sessions are highly individualised, we access your weakness’, wether that be mobility, core strength or proprioception. We then tailor the sessions to suit your needs and your goals.


Weightlifting is the sport of the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Athlete’s compete on a platform and are scored using their best Snatch and best Clean and Jerk combined, this total is how athletes are placed. Weightlifting is one of the most athletic sports on the planet, athletes are required to have speed, flexibility, strength, power and coordination. The sport of weightlifting is having a huge growth sports with athletes of all ages starting to take it up, young teens are getting into it with great results and the masters side of the sport is absolutely booming at the moment.

Remote Coaching

Remote Coaching is a strength/power based program focused on improving athletes overall strength and power. The program is not sport specific but can be used to improved athletic performance. We have two options for remote coaching, Club programming which is based off Iron Tribe’s athlete programming and Personal Coaching which is 100% tailored to your needs and goals.