Roadmap for Training

Roadmap for Training

I remember reading this article early last year and having a lightbulb moment. It combined a couple of different philosophies I had been tossing over in my head.

The best weightlifters are generally great athletes, and what are great athletes good at? Almost every sport they play. Their hand eye coordination, flexibility, strength, speed, power and proprioception are all great. A lot of these athletes are natural talents but even the best talents require a solid foundation. A foundation that is exposed to a lot of general physical preparation early on, one that sets up a lifters career for a long time to come.

In this great article by Yasha Kahn, he explains the three areas where most training is spent, these areas are Strength Training, General Physical Preparation and Technical Preparation. Yasha explains how Russian weightlifting coaches use the Classification Standards to dictate how they spread the three areas of training out over a career.

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Roadmap for Training Part 2

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