One Simple Trick To Reduce Empty Calories

lemon infused water

One Simple Trick To Reduce Empty Calories

There’s no beating around the bush with this one. It’s straight to the point!

Remove all liquid calories from your diet!

More than 60% of the people I meet and help on a day to day basis should be in a healthy calorie deficit…

They want to lose body fat, increase their fitness and feel good about themselves

An effective way towards that goal is to…

Remove all liquid calories from your diet

Cut it out! They serve no purpose…

Water is free, easily accessible and won’t contribute to your daily calorie intake

If you are worried about your mineral levels try this…

1 litre of water + slice of lemon + teaspoon of Himalayan rock salt

Have this first thing in the morning for all your mineral needs

I have been doing this for the last 8 weeks and have definitely felt more hydrated

That’s it…



Exceptions include coffee, (no sugar) protein shakes, smoothies and alcohol (in moderation) if that’s how you balance your lifestyle…

Commit to 30 days and I guarantee you will see a massive difference.

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