Our club program is where your coach and yourself choose a stream of programming that suits your goals.

Included in the club program:

  • Access to one of our club programs
  • Access to all coached sessions at Iron Tribe
  • Access to our community Facebook group.
  • 30-minute Check-in every 6 weeks





Looking to train in a team environment but would like specific attention for your programming?

Included in the personalised program

  • Personalised program
  • Access to all of our coached sessions at Iron Tribe
  • Access outside of coached hours (coming soon*)
  • Access to our community Facebook group
  • 30 minute Check-in every 6 weeks


  • Weightlifting stream  – Embody all that is weightlifting! This is our classic weightlifting program, for those who want to be more specialized in their training!
  • Hybrid stream – Still a big focus on Olympic lifting but keeping the fitness! This is for those who are interested in weightlifting but do not want to feel unfit!
  • Athlete stream – Over the years we have attracted and helped young and senior athletes in the preparations for their sport. We currently have BJJ, AFL, Soccer, Basketball, Netball and Track athletes training with us.
  • Strength stream –  The strength stream is for those who are interested in chasing strength as well as keeping fit. This stream is perfect for those keen to learn strength training in a coached environment or who want to continue their strength training journey with a strong community.

Define Your Goal

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1. Interview

We want to learn about you, your goals and why they’re your goals. Where do they come from and are you going to commit to them?

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2. On-Ramp

If successful in our interview process, we move to our on-ramp. The on-ramp consists of one to three private sessions. The goal of the on-ramp sessions is to start the foundation of technique, teach you how to log your training and how the gym works.

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3. Join the Tribe

It is time to join the main group and continue your journey

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