How bad do you want it

How bad do you want it

How bad do you want it? By Matt Fitzgerald

I am personally not into running these days, when I was young i used it to run to help with my Footy and Basketball. The last “long” run I went for did involve me having a tough conversation with myself, asking, “Why are you running” while reminding me “This hurts, your aloud to stop”. Why was I letting myself do on a run that was suppose to be fun or relaxing? Because like most athletic endeavors it all starts in the brain!

The author Matt Fitzgerald goes deep in into the psychology of not just running but all sport, Matt gives anecdotal evidence mixed with research reviewed evidence to back up his thoughts, that its not always the most gifted athletes that win. It’s the mentally strongest.

As a coach I see this all to often, two athletes that are clearly separated by what some would term genetics, all too often I also see that the “less genetically gifted” athlete has a greater drive to work.

If you are someone who struggles with your mental game or question how bad do you want it then I highly recommend this book. I personally listened to it through Audible and found the Author a fantastic reader of his own book. Quite a few times I had light bulb moments about how I pulled up short in certain parts of my athletic career. It also helped me gain some understanding of why some top level athletes are 100% not just in their athletic career but also their lives.

To be continued.

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