Going to war with the bar

Olympic weightlifting gym floor with chalks

Going to war with the bar

Going to war with the bar

It all starts when you are sitting down, watching the bar, weight loaded

Contemplating, taking big breathes in and long exhales out

During this insignificant moment, the process has begun

Visualising the lift leads to the heart rate elevating

Palms begin to sweat, nerves build

Walking over to the chalk bucket

Visualising, galvanising

Chalking the hand the same way you have always done reaffirms your process

Walking back to the bar and preparing your approach

Approaching with confidence is key

Grabbing the bar the same way,

Same hand, same spot, every time

Still concentrating on your breath

Control the breathe or you have lost the war before it has reached its peak

You pull yourself into position, creating pressure on yourself

Ready to explode

Ready to fight

Going to war with the bar

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