People will tell you that getting started is the hardest part


This unfortunately is people trying to make you and themselves feel better


Getting started is hard but it is far from the hardest part


Showing up consistently is the hardest part


In a day and age where it’s easier to just start again


Where it’s easy to just blame what you’re doing


Or things outside of the gym


Where taking responsibility is too hard


It makes starting something new is easy


Staying with something to go from the beginner stage to the intermediate stage is rare


It’s why when we see someone good at something it’s easy to label them a natural


I have met a lot of naturals in my time


All of these “naturals” having something in common


They show up consistently


They trained when they didn’t feel like it


They listened to their coach when they disagreed


They kept coming


If you want results


You need to stick it out


You need to keep moving forward


Consistency will always be the hardest part


But consistency is where the magic happens


And where you turn into the “natural”