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At Iron Tribe we believe that training with a group is the best way to train. We have taken the community aspect from our favourite gyms and combined it with our favourite way to train. We believe focusing on technique is the key to a long and healthy life, inside and outside of the gym.

How our sessions work

With the Tribe you will start each session with a warm-up design to prepare the body for its training session. We will focus on our main technical movements(snatch, clean and jerk) first before moving onto our strength movements(squats, presses and pulls). We finish most sessions with some form of accessory work, the accessory work is there to help bulletproof our bodies and make sure that we are staying injury free!

 Having a plan feels good!

In the initial stages of your membership, we work with you to show you how to use your training log. You will track each of your workouts and focus on reaching small attainable goals. The key to reaching your big goals is setting and hitting small goals along the way. Our motto at Iron Tribe is “The journey is the adventure”.

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  • Say hello to everyone when we go to the gym for the day
  • Leave our egos at the door
  • Introduce ourselves to all new members
  • Are all equal
  • Help unload each other’s bars
  • Practice good and safe form
  • Ask for help when we need it
  • Always follow the plan unless coach changes it for us
  • Have fun but stick o the rest periods
  • Do not count bad or incomplete attempts
  • Watch and support heavy attempts
  • Clean up after ourselves and each other
  • Respect the equipment and teammates
  • Know the journey is the adventure
  • Say goodbye to everyone when leaving the gym

What The Tribe Has To Say.

I’m totally new to the sport and Chris made me feel supported and continues to. Great atmosphere and community, always helping each other to smash PRs! Chris is patient and extremely knowledgeable. Would highly recommend!



Hey mate. Just some feedback about the new program. Really good. Really good. It’s working. Went to jump in my car this morning and, no word of a lie blew out the crotch seam on the left and right hand side.” Favorite quote from JP “The program is the program for a reason"

JP Perez

JP Perez

Massive thanks to @ackes @irontribeweightlifting @crossfitboxhill for helping me get some gains over the last 12 weeks. Not only did he have a great program he helped me eat what I needed and pushed me.




Iron Tribe was created with the goal of the community first. From never having stepped foot in the gym to living and breathing it, we’re here to help.

All of our sessions are coached to ensure good and safe movement. We believe in the basics and doing them extremely well.

No matter where you are in your training journey we are here to help. Get started today with a free trial

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